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Michael Ziegler is the brains of The Unathletic Network and definition of a true leader. Arguably no one has won more Super Bowls……in Madden. As a youth basketball coach he posted an unbelievable 9-22 record and even won the Romeoville Kickball League Cy Young award for 2020. We couldn’t ask for anyone better to help steer our ship to the future. Authentic smart ass.

Ian Blum is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. Did you know the Bears passed on Patrick Mahomes? In a historic deal, The Unathletic Network brought the former Bleacher Report contributor (two articles) to the podcast in a historic deal that includes a spot on the Romeoville Kickball Team.

Noah Haynes is an expert gambler and founder of the “PP”, give it a look and maybe you can make some money. As the official Jets fan of the podcast, Noah is numb to all pain, physical and emotional. He is a brand new Phoenix Suns fan and spends his summers rooting for the White Sox and Trevor Bauer.

Tyler Gillespie is the founder, GM and Manager of the Romeoville Kickball Team. After being recruited by the Unathletic Network, Tyler looks to contribute by bringing some insight from the NHL and NBA as well as some humor. He is a huge Blackhawks and Bucks fan.

Felipe Alvarez enjoys watching and talking football now that his decorated 8 year career is over. He has grown up a White Sox and Bears fan who has been known to cry in his room with a beer in hand when they disappoint him (it’s often). In an attempt to relate to the hip younger crowd he has been getting more into basketball and is a self proclaimed Memphis Grizzles fan.

Nate Haynes is the Co-Host of the Lazy Mates Podcast and has been a movie expert for about 1o years now. His favorite is Jurassic Park. Nate is also co-owner of the Romeoville Kickball Team despite little sports knowledge. However the Marvel and Star Wars franchises are his expertise.

Mike Samuelson is the Sports guy for the Lazy Mates. Mid-tier Fantasy player but Pro Bowl for movie watching, Mike looks to contribute insight on classic, current & future movie reviews and news. His favorite movie is The Social Network and will take about 4 minutes of conversation for it to come up. He is a huge Lebron James fan, same logic applies for him too. 

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