Here’s your sign to get Apple TV+

By Mike Samuelson

Like many of you, I get pissed off at the idea of another streaming service hitting the market. We fork over all of this money already (or use somebody else’s accounts…) with all of these subscriptions, and now the Monopoly man himself Tim Cook wants to give us this? Well, as skeptical as you may be, some of the stuff on there is actually really good! Let me explain.

Yes, the movie selection blows, let’s just call it what it is and not sugarcoat it. But the assets they have like A24 and just being Apple (unlimited revenue $$) makes them a contender for amazing content moving forward. Also, if you get a new iPhone like I did you get an entire year of the service completely free. So at this time in 2022, who knows maybe Oscar contending movies will start flying in as most A24 movies are winners. I’ve watched two shows in their entirety in about 3 days, and I gotta say they’re both fantastic.

Ted Lasso: I was skeptical on this one. The previews looked just, meh. Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, a Division 2 Football coach that gets hired to be a UK Football (Soccer for us uncultured people) coach. Something he’s never remotely done, he takes the challenge of overcoming cultural adversity being in London and knowing absolutely nothing about the sport. Created by one of the writers of How I Met Your Mother, it captures the heart & feel-good comedy that HIMYM did so well. Here’s another side note, if you haven’t seen that show go do it, ironically his name is also Ted. This was one of those shows that genuinely made me happy while watching the show. It has its moments of drama for sure, overcoming marital issues and life revelations with players on the team, but it always comes full cycle in being a lighthearted comedy & a great time. Already being renewed for a Season 2 & only 10 episodes each 30 minutes, it’s a quick series I was able to get through in a day. You’ll want to binge this one. 7.5/10

The Morning Show: Recommended by a fellow Unathletic member (thanks Ziggy), I was really looking forward to this show. The cast is jam packed, with people like Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell & Reese Witherspoon leading the charge giving an inside look of a daily news show in upstate New York. I don’t want to spoil too much of the show, but it’s an intriguing drama that has a hint of really everything. A longer burn with each episode being an hour long, it looks at the craziness of Television and the conniving industry to be atop of the rankings. Some funny, some batshit crazy, it’s an exciting watch that’ll have you on the edge of your seat AND has a good cliffhanger ending. If you’re a fan of shows like Succession (HIGHLY recommend on HBO if you haven’t watched) or the movie Bombshell, this will fall right down your alley. 7.5/10

I’m hopeful Apple TV+ can bring out some heavy hitters in 2021. I’m starting a new show called Truth Be Told with Octavia Spencer, and looking forward to the new Tom Holland movie coming in the end of February called Cherry from the Russo Brothers. Yes, those Avengers brothers are creating another drama movie with Spider-Man. Can’t. Wait.  

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