Thoughts From a Star Wars Fan


By Nate Haynes

Since 1977 when Star Wars was released. People look at Star Wars as a way to get away from the real life going on in the world. The Vietnam war was a great example of why Star Wars was a must at that time. Now with Disney buying Star Wars and making a new trilogy and numbers of tv shows in the works. We currently live in a depressing time and we need something to escape from this world. Why not go to the amazing world of Star Wars. However it’s not what it was back in 1977. People are in distrust in Star Wars right now. The new trilogy is not loved by many fans, it even has fans wanting them to reboot the new trilogy. To that I ask why? I get it some choices that were made aren’t the best. But we need Star Wars, we need to get away. Look at the prequels, those were hated when they first were released, now look at them they are loved by many. Some even say that Episode 3 is their favorite Star Wars movie. Disney+ brought Star Wars fan’s back together with the Mandalorian. This was the thing to have Star Wars back in the fans’ hearts.

I do think we should appreciate the sequel trilogy as much as we do with the Mandalorian. Love Star Wars for what it is, not for what you want it to be. I am scared for what is to come in the future with everything coming with the new Star Wars projects. Will people love it? Will they hate it and call it out as not “Star Wars”? For whatever project does come from Star Wars we should appreciate it no matter how good or bad it is. We will always have the original trilogy. Everything coming out is just expanding the timeline for Star Wars. Look at Star Wars Rebels or Clone Wars. Not many fans know about these projects. Yes the die hard fans know about these. But these stories should be known to more people. Clone Wars explains so much of what happens between Episodes 2 and 3. You will truly appreciate Star Wars more if you watch them both.

The point of this “rant” is that when Star Wars releases something, a book, movie or show. We should appreciate it. Star Wars is our escape from reality. Complaining about something new from Star Wars is really like putting down your imagination.  So when Book of Boba Fett comes out at the end of 2021. Let’s not complain if it’s bad. Just enjoy it and get ready for the next adventure set in the Star Wars universe. 

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