Nate’s Top 10 Movies of 2020

By Nate Haynes

With COVID in the air, movies in 2020 were not like it was back in 2019. No movie theaters, no spending a day at a movie theater watching 3 movies in one day. Seeing the trailers for the next movie to see. However movies did come out on streaming and early in the theater. So I was able to make a top ten of 2020 and here it is.

#10. Bill and Ted face the Music
I enjoyed the first two Bill and Ted movies, so when Bill and Ted 3 was released I was hoping it would be just like the others and I think it is. The Bill and Ted movies work well because they feel like a story that doesn’t need that much context for the other movies. It was funny and the story did work. The daughters didn’t feel out of place nor did Bill and Teds time travel story. Kid Cudi was amazing as well.

#9. Promising Young Women
Promising young women brought us an original story and was really entertaining. It was a story that I had no idea what would happen next. Carey Mulligan played the main character and she killed it. One of the best lead women performances of 2020.  Supporting roles of Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown and Jennifer Coolidge really shined in this movie. 

#8. Tenent 
Christopher Nolans newest movie did not disappoint. His movies are so original and bring such excitement and twist along with it. The story was confusing to follow at times but once you get it then it blows your mind. John David Washington and Robert Pattinson were outstanding in this movie. This might be my favorite John David Washington role so far. I’m excited to see what Nolan will do next.

#7. King of Staten Island 
Pete Davidsons life story in a sense in a movie. Judd Apatows did one of his best Directing in this movie. It truly felt like a life story playing out with some great comedy added. Bill Burr gave one of his best performances, while he doesn’t do much movies this really showed what he can do as an actor. I’m excited to see what Pete Davidson and Bill Burr do next. 

#6. Mank 
While black and white movies in the modern age aren’t my favorite, Mank made it work and brought so much life into it. As always Gary oldman gives us a performance to enjoy, he plays the role of mank so pure. The writing was outstanding. Showing the writing of one of the greatest movies ever written is “citizen kane”. There was comedy and realism to this movie that I really enjoyed. 

#5. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm 
One of the funniest movies I have seen this year. Sacha baron cohen played borat just like he did back in 2006. The story did feel like more of a movie than the first one. With Maria Bakalova joining the cast as Borats daughter was perfect. She was as funny as borat himself. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 3rd Borat movie this one worked so well. 

#4. Soul
In my opinion, the best Pixar movie since inside out. Soul just makes you enjoy life and appreciate what you have. The voice acting was perfect and really had soul! The animation on this movie was outstanding its as beautiful as the animation in the good dinosaur. The story was funny and had to much heart into it. I won’t be surprised if we see this get a best picture nomination and it will win best animation movie. 

#3. Trials of the Chicago 7
The best trials movie I think since 12 angry men. I was glued on the screen the whole time. I just wanted to see all days spent in that courthouse. The writing was genius and the acting was outstanding by many big stars. The judge was a dick and when you feel about that towards an actor you know that’s an amazing performance. The lawyer played by Mark Rylance makes me want him as my lawyer. Sacha Baron cohen killed it and its always great to see John Carroll Lynch. This movie feels relevant today with all the protest till will really be a big contender for best picture.

#2. Sound of Metal
I don’t want to get too much on what this is about. But its about a heavy metal drummer who starts to lose his hearing and how he must live with his lost of hearing. The performance by Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci gave such a raw and real performance that blew me away, I get so invested watching this movie I found myself saying “oh shit” multiple times. Please just watch this and you will understand why its my number 2. 

#1. Ma Raining Black Bottom 
This is my favorite solely on the story and the performances. This felt like a play with having about 2 or 3 locations in the movies. With only an hour and 30 minutes I could watch about 3 hours of the story of these characters. What blew me away was Chadwick Boseman playing Leeve. This is Chadwicks best performance ever. This will win him an Oscar for sure. When he is on the screen you can’t keep your eyes off him. He plays so well off everyone in this movie. He has 3 scenes that truly stand out. Viola Davis as Ma Rainey was outstanding as well. I think she is better in this than fences. You truly can’t believe that its her in the movie. I highly recommend this movie and it will stand out to me for years to come.

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