Sound of Metal Review

By Mike Samuelson

Amazon Prime coming through with a musical gem unlike anything I’ve seen. Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake in Venom) stars as a drummer in a metal band who begins fully losing his hearing. It’s an interesting analysis on the deaf community & some of the mental hurdles necessary in the process. It’s multi-layered, and you can tell he did his research in understanding the hardships in overcoming adversity. With the Oscars not taking place until April, I’m hoping this one can keep the hype going right into awards season. Personally, I think Riz Ahmed (Ruben) & Paul Raci (Joe) are shoe ins for Best actor & Supporting Actor for this year’s award season. Director Darius Marder shines in his directorial debut, as he’s somebody I’m going to be watching out for years to come. If you’re asking, “What’s it like?”, I would say the most similar comparison is Whiplash in terms of overcoming adversity & the musical aspect behind it. But the film is truly unique & one you should stream as soon as you can!

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