The Bears are Bringing Back Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy

By Ian Blum

Per multiple reports Tuesday night the Chicago Bears are going to bring back Head Coach Matt Nagy and General Manager Ryan Pace for 2021.

Let’s start off with Chuck Pagano real quick. Congratulations to him on an excellent career in football. I think we all were excited when we found out that he was taking over Vic Fangio. Nevertheless things haven’t worked over the last two seasons and now he walks away, hopefully not taking the fall for the other three guys who are more responsible.

I could do some long bit about how I watch damn near every single Bears game with my dad and how that father son bond means the world to me. And how the teams we watch together consistently underachieve or are down right terrible.

But let’s keep our heads in the game here. Clearly for whatever reason George McCaskey feels like Matt and Ryan can take this mediocre team to the next level. I couldn’t disagree more and to keep it simple, it’s two fold. First, your scouts and player personal picked Mitch over Watson and Mahomes. Second, your coach employed by the GM failed to develop him and also lacks the trust required for them to have a legitimate NFL offense.

That chain of the GM missing on the pick, Coach failing to develop the QB then the lack of trust between the coach and QB is the reason why Mitch Trubisky will not be back.

So with Mitch out of the picture and Foles the only other real option at QB it becomes apparent the Bears will need another. But do you want the GM who missed on the QB last time to be picking a new one? Plus if he does make that pick he should be married to it, and Pace has only a year left. So an extension would more than likely have to happen. On top of that you have the 20th pick meaning a top 3 QB is out of the question, maybe even top 4.

This leads to my fear with all of this, desperate people tend to do desperate things. With Ryan Pace’s job on the line it would not surprise me if he made a trade up to the late top 10 or middle of the 1st round to get a QB on draft night. Or spending big money on a washed Phillip Rivers, or swinging for the fences and taking on Carson Wetnz’s big contract. All of these things require giving up assets or cap space we don’t have. It’s a band aid for a gunshot would that will cause the team to bleed out because the GM’s short comings are shown by a lack of production at multiple positions on the field.

But no matter what I say we are here now. So what’s next?

We’ve heard nothing official out of Lake Forest at the time of this writing which leads me to believe this may not be the only move.

My prediction is that defensive line coach Jay Rodgers will be get promoted to the DC spot. He was a hold over from John Fox’s staff and has earned the right to have a chance.

Bigger picture however we’ve heard nothing about Ted Phillips. Rumor had it back around November that he was going to retire at seasons end. I would not be surprised if they moved Ryan Pace up from GM to team President and hired a new Gm. Or bring in a new team president and let him decide the fate of Matt and Ryan. I prefer Pace not getting promoted but these are the two things I could see happening next.

It’s a tough time to be a Bear fan. There isn’t any doubt where the direction of the franchise is headed and the fact that the McCaskey family can’t wrap their mind around that before it gets worse is sad.

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