Bear Down Ian’s Wild Card Game Preview

By Ian Blum

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have absolutely no idea how I am in this position. The desire I had to write a blog fueled by anger and pain from another disappointing season has been washed away by a Bears teams that has limped its way into the playoffs.

Cue the video:

Now I know there are some mixed emotions about the state of the Bears franchise but we can address all of that later. For now we need to soak in the moment that is front of us. The Chicago Bears are a playoff team and we will not apologize for it. Hate that we are here? Talk to the Cardinals who couldn’t take care of the Rams and keep us out. Talk to Rodger Goodell and the NFL, the very people who created the final Wild Card spot. Address all anger and talk of “deserving” to them.

To my brethren, the Bear faithful and the lovers beef this is our time. Our Chicago Bears have now made the playoffs 2 times in 3 years, a stretch we haven’t seen since the Lovie Smith era. Matt Nagy has yet to coach a Bears team with a losing record, and now our offense is putting things together just in time for the playoffs. We are a mere 4 wins away from restoring the pride and respect from our beloved franchises storied past.

This task will not be an easy one. In our path is a matchup in the Super Dome against the mighty New Orleans Saints. A team that beat us in overtime earlier this season. Their stars on offense Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara will be back for the game so they will be at full strength.

As always they are lead by the coach QB tandem of Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Both will find themselves in Canton one day. In the 2020 campaign Payton has lead his team without Brees due to a rib injury and he overcame Covid himself earlier this year. This did not stop the Saints from achieving a 12-4 record and securing a home playoff game.

To add another degree of difficulty for the Bears we had this come out Saturday:

Welcome to the Bears Manti Te’o………great.

Okay but there is some good news. The Bears have a new found identity on offense with Mitch under center. That was something that we lacked when we last saw the Saints. We have an absolute wrecking ball in David Montgomery and our hold the ball style of offense has had some success in the back half of the season. If we can control the pace of the game and play keep away we have an opportunity to keep the game close.

On top of the Saints being full strength, the Bears defense has also regressed some in the latter part of the season. The health of the defensive backs has played a role on top of the front having a tough time creating pressure. Like most Bears games they will need the defense to find the 2018 version of themselves somewhere in the Big Easy for them to be able to compete.


The bottom line this week is this, there is no tomorrow. Whether or not you truly believe that the Bears have a shot (I’ve struggled with this) there is no reason to not rally around your family get your beefs, put on the ole blue and orange and live for every play. If you really love the Bears then love this shit no matter the game, the record, or the opponent. So grab that jersey you having hanging in the closet, get your beef orders ready and find your lucky spot on the couch because soon we will have playoff football to watch.

For those that need some extra juice:

Let’s shock the world and always, BEAR DOWN!

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