Bear Down Ian reacts to Da Bears making Da Playoffs

By Ian Blum

Well, well, well, the Chicago Bears are a playoff team. Guys this season has been one we all will never forget for obvious reasons (Covid, players standing up for social injustices) but the Bears year in particular is as weird a season I’ve ever seen.

Remember after the Detroit game just a few weeks ago when we all assumed that Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky were on the chomping block? Next thing you know the Bears rip off 3 straight and with some help from the Rams, get in the playoffs. I sit here with such weird emotions about all of this because I can’t help but feel like this is our ceiling as a franchise. Middle of the pack, barely getting into the playoffs. The bigger contracts we’ve handed out (Whitehair, Mack, Jackson, Quinn, Leno) are starting to grip hold of a lot of cap space and while we have the 1st round pick back we are in a position where we can’t get a QB either so Nick Foles is probably coming in as the starter next year unless they can resign Mitch for a reasonable price. Plus if you do resign Mitch or tag him that takes money away from Allen Robinson and seems like he is already gone.

We are just stuck in the middle, literally an 8-8 finish with the expanded playoffs being the reason we got in. If George McCaskey looks at the big picture I hope he can see that there is not much here to hang your hat on as we move forward.

So yeah, things aren’t totally looking up. It will be a big offseason for the Bears and we will cross that bridge when the time comes.

In the present tense the Bears should send John Wolford a Christmas card next year because the Rams are the only reason we are in this spot after they beat Arizona. The Bears could’ve handled it themselves but fell victim to arguably the best version of Aaron Rodgers we’ve ever seen. While I think the Bears played better than the 35-16 final score they just didn’t have the fire power to hang with Green Bay for 4 quarters.

All week the conversation was centered around the new found success running the football and how its helped Mitch play well. With Rodgers a lock for the MVP, controlling the clock was something the Bears wanted to do to give them a chance. Believe it or not they actually did it.

Uh yeah, not ideal.

It does give me hope for our match up in New Orleans. The constant in the NFL for every team come January is that you need to be able to run the ball and play good defense. The Bears were down two starting corners today in Jaylon Johnson and Buster Skrine. Would they have changed the outcome? Probably not, but the Bears did drop 3 interceptions so it’s not a crazy thought. In perfect world they are able to return next week. If and I mean IF the Bears front can slow down Kamara, Brees won’t take the kill shots that Rodgers does. So maybe you keep the game close.

Of course with Roquan sustaining an elbow injury during the game Sunday stopping the Saints rushing attack could be even tougher than it normally would be. Though I do have to save my more detailed thoughts for a full game preview coming this week so make sure to check back here for that.

My closing thoughts about Week 17 for the Bears is to remember where we are at. On the 3rd day of 2021 we find out the Bears for better or worse (it’s always better) will be in the playoffs. For me personally at 22 years old this will be the 6th time the Bears have made the playoffs in my life. If the last year has taught any of us anything it’s that we need to be more humble, to appreciate the moment and what we have because on a dime it can all be gone. So I’m going to enjoy the week. I’m going to break down matchups and ways the Bears can pull off the upset. Why? Because everyone is 0-0, and in the playoffs anything can happen. Get your dancing shoes on and as always, Bear Down!


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