Ian’s BOOWLLZZ Knee Jerk Reactions: The Peach Bowl

By Ian Blum

The Peach Bowl just ended, and I have thoughts. First and foremost, shoutout to Luke Fickell and the Cincinnati Bearcats for a great season. They came into this game 9-0 and AAC champions with many thinking they could’ve been a playoff team or at least should’ve gotten the opportunity.

It pains me to inform the audience that Georgia pulled off the win. After the Bearcats got off to a fast start and held a 21-10 lead, it slipped away.

Georgia’s late season success on offense has been fueled by the play of JT Daniels at quarterback and it held true today. The former USC transfer plays like a senior despite his sophomore status and he showed that maturity, hanging in a game against a very good defense and getting over an early pick to throw for 392 yards and a touchdown.

Georgia was missing some starters on defense but settled into the game as it went on, not allowing a Bearcat score in the 4th quarter.

Kicker Jack Podlesny hit the game winner from 50 yards out and went 3 for 3 on the day.

As far as what the result will mean for the future of the sport it is difficult to say. While I do not expect one game to change the structure of the current format (there are contracts and such signed) I think the more we see Group of 5 schools battle in these games against Power 5 opponents the better. Houston and UCF have won the Peach Bowl previously and of course Boise State has had success in big bowls in the past as well. The Bearcats only fell by 2 points, hopefully the more we see these close games the closer we get to an expanded playoff.

The over didn’t hit so I’m 0-1. Pain.

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