Welcome to the Unathletic Network

By Ian Blum

After months of waiting, it is finally here, The Unathletic Network is ready to blast off in 2021. Mike, Noah, and I have been working together the last few weeks getting everything ready to roll and we are excited to get started. 

Coming your way January 5th is the first episode of the Unathletic Podcast where we will recap NFL Week 17, the fallout of Black Monday and discuss the New Year’s Six College Bowl Games. 

Paired with the podcast is this blog where you will see posts on varying topics. Make sure to look through my “Knee Jerk Reactions” to the Bowl games on New Year’s Day and keep an eye out for more blog content from me and the rest of the guys from the Unathletic Network soon. 

I’ll be live tweeting during the College Football Playoff games @TheBluminator so feel free to follow along. 

Follow all the members of the Unathletic Podcast @mziegler920 and @noahhaynes88 

We are excited to start this journey and we hope you’ll be part of the ride with us. 

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