Lookie Lookie There Goes Mookie

Betts, Dodgers overwhelm Rays to take 1-0 Series Lead

By Ian Blum

Ray’s Fan Ian is here to recap the Game 1 thrashing the LA Dodgers put on my Tampa Bay Rays. I would like to begin by sending my best to Clayton Kershaw. 1 run allowed and 8 strikeouts over 6 innings pitched in the World Series reminds me that these are unprecedented times.

It goes without saying that going into the series the most anticipated matchup was the Rays pitching staff vs. the Dodgers lineup. After 3 quiet innings with Tyler Glasnow on the mound the Dodgers went to work. In the bottom of the 4th with a man on Cody Bellinger decided to send a ball to the moon. 107.8 mph off the bat with a nice toe tapping celebration in reference to the shoulder injury he picked up while celebrating another homer of his during the NLCS.

Kevin Kiermaier was able to hit a solo shot to make the score 2-1 and give the Rays some life. Unfortunately that would be the last time that the score really mattered. Things got out of hand in a hurry and if us Rays fans knew what we were really trading that free taco for, what might have had second thoughts.

Momentum was starting to make its way back towards the Rays. Let’s be honest we all saw Kershaw give up the homer and some thoughts started to creep in. Perhaps Kershaw would once again give a game away in October. As quick as those dreams came for the Rays they were swiped. Swiped by the swiper better known as Mookie Betts.

With Mookie standing on first base the Dodgers took advantage of a flaw in Glasnow’s game and stole a base. Of course the entire country was delighted at this because of the “Steal a Base Steal a Taco” promotion at Taco Bell. Even I, Rays Fan Ian couldn’t resist. You know you couldn’t either. There is no thrill in this world quite like when a base runner gets a good jump and is digging for second. Then you add the stakes of it being the World Series. Then you add on top of that the fact that free tacos hang in the balance and you have yourself a fully operational power plant let alone electricity.

Truly a man of the people

Then he just….stole 3rd. Stealing 3rd is so cool. You don’t see it that often so for Mookie to do it in the World Series was sweet. At that point he declared the game his and beat out a throw from Yandy Díaz to score.

It was like Thanos, showing off the reality stone. Tonight reality belonged to Mookie and the Rays were just apart of it. After he added a home run for good measure I had taken all I could for one game.

They added 1 more run while the Rays were able to find 2 giving us the 8-3 final.

The good news for us in Rays Nation is that there is always Game 2. The Dodgers are giving the ball to Tony Gonsolin, who has pitched 6.1 innings this postseason with a 9.95 ERA. Meanwhile the Rays lean on the left hander Blake Snell, who has thrown 19.2 innings with a 3.20 ERA.

It will be more of the same for the Rays, they need to be able to keep the game close. If they are within 3 runs going into the later innings their elite arms in the bullpen will give them a chance to make this a series.

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